Impressed by my local laundromat

Yesterday night from 9-11 I had to do laundry, so I went down a few blocks to the Atlantis Super Wash Center on Atlantic Ave. in Brooklyn. Normally I wouldn't be impressed by a laundromat, even if it did have the giant sized washing machines that did my 50 lbs of laundry if not for one thing. Most laundromats have swipe cards to insert money to use on their laundry machines, but I'm actually surprised that the cards themselves at Atlantis have SIM's on them, not just swipe bars. I guess everything is moving forward with the times, since SIM's aren't prone to magnetic interference like magnetic strips are. Pretty cool to see more advanced technology filter down with the times. Only other people I've seen use SIM's are the LaPuce Cards from Bell Canada, SIM cards for cell phones, and the new Solo cards that's popular in the UK. Your thoughts anyone?


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