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Just browsing the web on my day off and found a really cool trivia or general knowledge site. What do you mean you may ask? Well a Trivia blog is a blog where instead of posting articles or news or etc it posts information or trivia on specific or random topics. Right now I'm reading trivia about Jukeboxes, and I didn't know that the "juke" in Jukebox refers to a Southern dance. Well at Aviva's Trivia Blog you can actually learn a lot of these random interesting facts and much more. There's a post about milkshakes and their history, and I love those so I got some more info on that, and there's posts about anything you could think of. I'm definetly going to bookmark this site and recommend it to my friends and of course to you guys the readers of my blog, it's just another great site or read to pass the day. As well I've loved Mac and Chesse since my childhood and boom another post on Macaroni and Cheese. I think that the Avivas Trivia Blog is a great site and definetly worth a look, even just a quick browse everyday to read up on something new.



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