My predictions about YouTube might be coming to pass.

I think it's funny seeing how Google buys YouTube then 2 weeks later all the media companies who haven't signed any agreements with Google/YouTube think that they're entitled to 150,000 dollars for each copyrighted material posted up there. I knew someone who think of this, but I think YouTube is safe for now, according to the article on blog. This article, LINK, states that even if they started suing YouTube, the DMCA won't hold YouTube responsible. Sounds like good news, as well, according to the site, only like 5-10% of videos are copyrighted material. I'm actually surprised at that, I thought there were a LOT of music videos and etc but now more and more people are creating their own content. I think both of these things are great for the internet, since I don't think YouTube is going anywhere for a while, and since this will help expand video around the net and beyond. What you guys think?


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