Need a new laptop since your old one exploded? Check out these coupons from

Forgive the title for poking fun at the Sony battery recall of the previous post, but I'm back with my coupon code from Coupon Chief for the week. I use the site whenever I'm looking for coupons, its got a lot of stores and pretty decent deals and coupons.'s page at Coupon Chief has a nice selection of coupons, such as 12.5% off for new customers, which could be great if you picked up one of their Dell Laptops or a newer Sony Laptop, one which wouldn't have to be recalled, lol. They got a pretty good selection of sub 500$ laptops, with the coupon that's 450, so that's a pretty good deal. Check it out if you're interested, or if you need coupons for many other stores in general.



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