News/Digg roundup

Digg and the websites are buzzing today, there's rumours of the Video iPod launching next week (sure there), there's Steve Jobs saying that Zune is no threat to the iPod (maybe if they removed the DRM on the wireless sharing). Also the golden arches, McDonald's, is going to get some flack for providing 10,000 infected mp3 players with a trojan. Usual stuff. Just wanted to point out some cool links to you guys. Since I've posted tons on DigitalLife'06 I'm going to post my last link, it's a complete round-up from, a great site that I've visited before but am glad to see them on digg, check out their wrap-up HERE. Also from you'll laugh at this ad-dispensing hand dryer. So now we have vacuum cleaners and lcd's in our hand dryers, how far technology has come. Check out that picture HERE.

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