Yankee Pitcher Crashes Planes in NYC Building

Normally I don't really talk about the news headlines but me and my friend were having a nice lively discussion over dinner at the great Blackbird Cafe (the dorm cafeteria) over the crash of the Yankee's pitcher Cory Lidle into that building. The whole discussion wasn't even over the crash but about how and why was he able to get through into Manhattan on a small aircraft. I'm not panicked or paranoided about terrorism but I know that New Yorkers in general are and to let a plane through undetected is pretty scary. You'd think there would be safeguards or things in place to prevent this. It shows that you can only go so far in safeguarding yourself. Sucks too about the Yankee's pitcher, he seems like a great guy, his team just lost and they have a shortage of pitchers and this happens, not good for many people. What you guys think?


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