Who does Jason Calacanis think he is?

Yep I'm talking about the owner of Netscape, and the man who tried to buy out the content posters at digg, Mr. Jason Calacanis himself. Obviously since he's the CEO of Weblogs Inc I guess he thinks he's the authority on blogging, however many would like to disagree with him on that. Obviously looking at how well Netscape is going with their Digg copycat site I'm sure he's the man his thinks he is, are those $1,000 dollar posters working hard enough? Anyways in his blog Calacanis.com he proceeds to trash Payperpost.com repeadly in 2 seperate posts. I think he's a hypocrite, and its our choice whether we disclose what we do or not. people have ads all over their pages and people will ignore blogs if they think that they're just paid shills. We don't need Jason telling us what to do and how to do it. We're paid to give word of mouth advertising, if we're giving blind advise then we're doing a bad job as we should take a look at what we're doing right? Tech websites keep the products they review, and if they give a bad product a good review just because it was given to them you think people will listen to them? The same will happen here, because paid or not if you advertise a bad product and people find out then they'll ignore you, plain and simple, paid shill or netscape shill. Time to show him that blog advertising is here to stay!



Posted bySteve at 8:53 PM


JasonCalacanis said... 5:05 PM  

The reason I hate Payperpost so much is because it is covert marking. No one likes to be tricked or deceived–do you? Even worse is getting tricked and deceived by someone who you consider a friend who is doing it for money.

If the folks at PayPerPost are so proud of what their doing they should make the process transparent.

best Jason

Steve said... 11:43 PM  

I replied to your post on the main page, and I understand your point of view, but I think that it's still the blogger's choice since this is his page and if he wants to be a paid spam artist with no info or quality to his blog then no one will like it. Anyways check out This post.



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