Long Day, all way and no play

Taking a timeout at the library to write some blog posts, it's pretty quiet so I can do what I wish. I don't have track this week so I'm not as tired, however I've been doing extra hours for Athletic Training so I can get some extra cash. I miss running/lifting weights but I'll get back into it 2morrow.

In the news yesterday were the release from NDA of the Geforce 8800GTX reviews and the nVidia 680i SLi motherboard chipset reviews. Those 2 seem to be forming a potent combo, it'll be nice to see what the guys in Red come up with to counteract it. I'm not doing anything upgrade wise for a bit, since I need to save up my pennies, but it's always nice to see this level of performance, especially since my 2005fpw needs a good GFX card to drive it at 1680x1050.

Anyone here going to get some new hardware? what you looking at? the latest and greatest or a nice X1900XT 256mb that's around 200$? Post your thoughts


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