Wallhogs - Lifesize Posters for your Room

Imagine having a 7" tall poster in your room of the hottest chick on campus, or of your favorite beer, teams whatever on your wall. Wouldn't that be sweet? Well with Wallhogs you can. They can blow up a photo or graphic 7" and up to 4" wide and put onto a semi-adhesive vinyl. With it you can put it on your wall within 5 mins and never have it peel, pretty awesome stuff. It's really durable (they claim have walls destroyed and the vinyl still intact, which is impressive) and they got a 30-days , no questions asked guarantee in case you don't like it or are not satisfied.

There's so many things you can do with it, for the office, children's room, dorm room, for your store, etc. It's pretty amazing and if you have something you love to put up and need a large size I'd check them out. I'd make a lifesize one of me running, just to remember those days when I'm older. I wonder what you'd make, like you can put your your Harley like this guy below, but I'm not into motorcycles like him.

Should make a great gift as well, since it is the holidays and all, check them out at Wallhogs.com and post your thoughts on which one you'd get.


Posted bySteve at 9:53 PM


Mark E Seremet said... 6:06 PM  


We got *killed* on traffic and orders. It's a good problem but we took the site down to retune it for this volume.

I am deeply sorry for the delay - we will be on again tonight.

Please feel free to email me if you want to complain or yell or encourage me. mark.seremet [@] gmail.com

Mark E Seremet, ceo & co-founder

Steve said... 2:02 PM  

Congrats on the volume and good luck Mark. I've already emailed ya personally and hope everything goes well with the relaunch.


P.S. Get me a Final Fantasy WallHog and you'll be the man forever, lol

Anonymous said... 8:26 AM  

Ummm... You said that they make these up to 7" by 4". I assume you aren't much of a carpenter, because that is 7 inches by 4 inches. You mean 7' (feet) by 4' (feet), right?

Anonymous said... 10:40 PM  













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