RockStartUp is Live!

If you've been following Payperpost or are a Postie yourself then you've heard of Ted Murphy, the CEO, and his crazy antics. Ted's had his Antonio video, which will have Ted dye his hair blond if it hits 10,000 views on YouTube and if it reaches 15,000 Pete Wright aka Froogle will do a 40 year old virgin style waxing, haha.

Well the time is here to annouce his new project, called RockStartUp, which is produced in HD and in various formats, as business reality tv. It goes through Ted at some of the trade shows, shows what it's like being the CEO of a startup, some of his humor or personal side. I've seen some of this as being a postie and an active member of the PayPerPost forums at I've seen the first two episodes, which are pretty good, from Ted eating his sandwich and talking about Business week to getting ready for the Today show. I also even downloaded the free desktop backgrounds, and they even made a 1680x1050 one for my nice widescreen, nice touch.

I say great for Ted, it's a good show and I'll be there to watch and support him. Check out more of RockStartUp at and as always, post your thoughts.


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