Great aquarium store from true aquarium enthusiasts

I love online stores that have build their business around the community that the product that they're trying to reach. Many times those are how the most succesful business are started, things like Papa Johns, or any of the PC Modding sites I've shopped from, or Futuremark which has great community forums and always tries to serve the needs of the gaming community.

Well Aquarium Guys is company like that. They were founded in 2000 to provide fellow aquarists, which I didn't know had a seperate term, the best high quality aquarium supplies at the lowest prices. They carry a large selection of products for both fresh water and salt water fish tanks, everything from tanks to Aquarium Heaters. I've had some pretty crappy stuff for my first fish tank and it's nice to see the stuff improve over the years. These guys even have built a new online community for Aquarium enthusiasts, or Aquarists, lol, called which is also a nice gesture and a great way to build community and sales.

If you need anything for your aquarium or fish tank check them out, like a new tank for the holidays to give the fish some heat and room, the URL is



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