Cool Photo Recognition site

Just saw this off a friend page on Facebook (yes I'm addicted to it) and tested it out. It's called MyHeritage, and they recognize the faces in your photo and compare them to many look alike faces from celebrities. I tested it out and got some funny results.

Here's the first, I look like Luke Wilson, not too bad, lol


I'm going to test it out with another face picture to see if I get different results, should be fun and interesting.

Edit I had more time so I tested it out with another pic, results weren't too good tho, check the one below.

There were even girls at 60%, wasn't too happy, lol.

Alright time to get stuff done before the party, ciao


Posted bySteve at 8:51 PM


Suni said... 8:55 PM  

I think you look most like Raoul Bova myself :D

my blog

Jules said... 2:46 PM  

Good results! They are so similar it's creepy all most!

I did this on my blog also.

Steve said... 10:17 PM  

I know it's nuts, they all look alike, just based off your facial features and stuff.

People have told I look like Tom Cruise, I was looking for him to be on there.

Jersey Girl said... 8:02 AM  

I hear ya man...I got weird random stuff like FDR...and Michelle Pfieffer...about is that possible? Either way, that stupid FDR one haunts me...LOL

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