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Yesterday was one of the craziest days I've had in a long while. I had to present 2 times for 10 minute presentations in the same day while going to my clinical and finishing up 2 10 page papers with the references and etc. I had to write the presentation for one class during the other class on my friends laptop, and somehow the work that took me 30 minutes in one class came out better than the presentation I had done at 1-2am the night before. Then I had to go to the hospital with one of my teammates till 11am for an unspecified matter so that just killed the whole night and I'm exhausted.

Today however I have 2 more papers to look forward 2, one is a response to a set of questions for my Take-Home Final Exam and the other is a 15 page paper I had been supposed to be working on all semester. I already have all the ressources for that long paper but I need to crank it out, it's the last serious thing I have to go before I leave for Canada on Friday.

Anyways I must be off, papers need to written and food must be eaten, more news later


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