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Most of the time I don't post on home decor items but since I've been looking for gifts for my mom, the one that loves to decorate the house, I thought I'd share a site with you guys. It's called the Wrought Iron Store and from the title everything is made out of Wrought or worked Iron. It gives everything that crafted look, making things look good in an older house such as mine (made in the 1940's as a cottage), but I'm no expert in the decoration scene so my opinion may not be right. I've been looking at things like this Wrought Iron Wall Candle Holder since my mom is a candle fan, she buys a ton of them but someone gives most of them away or this little 3 Candle Holder for $20 bucks since I'm a poor old college student.

You guys have any ideas from the site? Let me know what you think while I go back to my homework.


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