Guitar Hero causing injuries?

I guess video games cause more and more pain these days, with even professional athletes receive injuries from them. Supposedly one of the pitches from the Detroit Tigers had injured his forearm while playing the game "Guitar Hero". Guitar Hero is a game like Dance Dance Revolution where you recreate songs on guitar by strumming and hitting certain keys. Well they play that for their World Series lost last year.

The player, Joel Zumaya, profile is on Yahoo Sports, stating this, but we'll see if its really true or not. So watch out kids, grown ups or finely tuned athletes, since Video games can get you, lol.



Posted bySteve at 9:17 PM


Lisa said... 12:58 AM  

This is pretty funny. Sorry coach I can't play cuz I hurt myself playing on my Xbox. LOL The media should be having a field day with this.

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