My opinion of Wirefly's Top 10 selling phones of 2006

I love cell phones, as shown by my nicely unlocked SonyEcrisson W810i, and one of the place I visited when looking for my cell phone was They're easily one of the largest online cell phone retailers and they have phones and plans from all the major US carriers, which is a huge plus for them.

A couple of days ago they released a top 10 cell phones of 2006 list from their purchased phones of the year. It's a pretty interesting list, with the top 3 phones being various flavors of the good old Motorola RAZR, followed by a bunch of different phones. My favorite phone on their top 10 list was the Motorola V360, which is probably motorola's best V series phone ever release, however since it was a T-Mobile exclusive it didn't get the attention I found it should've gotten.

They also spoke and recapped their predictions for 2006 in their release. I found that their thrends were true to a certain extent, but with some degrees of error. Music and mobile TV phones have taken off, but mobile TV phones only really did well on Sprint, whereas a lot of the music phones were merely secondary features to most people. The second prediction is true, since the Symbian OS and Windows Mobile 5 were pretty decent, and the PalmOS got a minor update. The third is true, but the market has different options, with T-Mobile's Kidconnect, to Disney's MMVO, so it's a wash, since not all carriers have phones for children, so we'll see what 2007 brings. As for enhanced GPS, there's been some advances by Sprint and Verizon, and some good navigation software, so I'm going to agree with that thrend. As for #5, Wirefly didn't mention numbers, but I think customers are getting more comfortable with online orders, but I wonder if the percentages are increasing as well.

I should come up with my own set of predictions for 2007, but Wirefly's set was pretty good for predictions. But with the cell phone and other markets, you can generally see where things are going after a big show like CES or MacWorld, so we'll see how many people try to emulate the Apple iPhone. That's my 1st prediction for 2007, iPhone copycats by the end of the year, just wonder how many.

What you guys think? What's your predictions for 2007? Share your thoughts.


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