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As you guys know I've been looking or debating getting a Playstation 3 for myself since I sold my PS2 over the summer. There's still not many in stores right now, so why not win a Playstation 3 through Earlymiser. They have a simple contest, which is better explained below by the founder of Earlymiser, Brian DeSpain.

"To enter the contest, you just need to link to with from your blog, myspace profile or other website. Then simply register at earlymiser.comFor those people without a web site, simply set up a feed of your favorite products. You will be entered to win the 6o GB Playstation 3" explained Earlymiser founder Brian DeSpain.

"All you need to do is register a new account and provide a link back to us from your MySpace profile or a link from your blog or web site. If you don't have a blog or myspace profile, that's fine just set up a custom feed devoted to your favorite products. After you register and have set up your link, simply email with the subject "Playstation 3" and the location of your feed or link and you are entered into the contest" continued DeSpain.

Pretty simple isn't it, is a web based shopping comparison engine, so you can search places like Yahoo, Amazon, Ebay all at the same time. Great for shopping and comparing prices, which could save you money is a meta shopping comparison engine base ond the web services APIs of, Amazon, Amazon Marketplace, Ebay and Yahoo Shopping. Check it out, and enter the contest, I'm going to, why not win a free PS3.



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