Vista's out

Yep everyone, the personal or retail release of Windows Vista is upon us. Of course there's been tons of articles, reviews, pictures and bashing of Vista over the last couple of weeks/days, but since today is the official release, I might talk about the article I liked the most.

It comes from MSNBC surprisingly, and it's Mac User who Switches to Vista. What? Blasphemy you say, well it's a nice objective look at someone who's going from the opposite side of the fence into the dark side without the usual fanboy zealotry that accompanies Mac fans. Really interesting look at things, and there's a little twist in the article that I don't want to mention. Go read it, well worth the time.

Another interesting read is from the Cult of Mac on, and they also install Vista to a Mac Pro, and notice that it feels faster than OS X. Pretty interesting as well, haven't read the full article since I was linked from Gizmodo but looks like a nice read, check it out.

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