Payperpost's Segmentation System for Advertisers and Bloggers, help everyone get paid!

Payperpost has unveiled their new segmentation system for blogs and post over the last week, and even if there was some software errors that prevented many bloggers from taking many of these opportunities for their blogs over the last week, it's a step in the right directions. Now many blogs can't just take opps that don't suit their blogs very well (I enjoy Valentine's Day though) however a tech blog doing posts on Flowers all the time don't make sense. That's why since advertisers now have the choice to specific exactly what blogs, what domains, etc, have the ability to take certain opps. Sure some people may lose out on some of these opportunities, but it's get for the advertisers to target a relevant audience at a great cost.

Payperpost allows bloggers to get paid to blog as most of us know, but now it's a simple decision for Advertisers since it's only costs them a 35% service fee, unlike many other blog advertising services where the fee is 100% of the opportunity. That's great for bloggers since they get more $$ and cheaper for advertisers as well, we all win in this situation. Check out for more info or click on the little box at the side of my blog, and help me earn some referral money :)



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