New old toy - Steve bought another PS2

Sorry for the missed day yesterday, it was a busy day in my personal life but I managed to pick up a couple of things I wanted, including a used slim Playstation 2 and the movie The Departed. That movie looks impressive with Matt Damon and co. I have to watch it tonight before I give it back to my friend, lol, since he gave me the money to buy it.

As for the PS2, I had been meaning to get one since I sold my old one this summer after receiving a couple PS2 games for Christmas and since I decided against getting a Playstation 3 anytime soon. There's no compelling reason to get one. Any game I want to play right now, FFXII, God Of War 2, etc are all on Playstation 2, and if I get a next-gen console, it'll be an Xbox360.

Nothing too interesting so far today in tech news, I've been stuck at work/track all day, which I'll talk about on my other blog, but I'll put something more interesting for you guys later.


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