I'm starting to love Paypal again

Normally whenever me or my mother have had to transfer money between each other I use to have to put it into my bank account, then transfer it to my Credit card to use it. But with Paypal I can add my Canadian bank account, my mother's bank account, and tie it all up with my US account so that I can move money wherever I want pretty easily. I was mad at them for their fraud policy but there's not much they can do so I'm going to let them slide for now.

You guys like Paypal? Used Google Checkout or other services? How they compare? Discuss,


Posted bySteve at 1:08 PM


Blendah Tom said... 9:42 AM  

...Sorry not a huge Paypal fan at all.. I get phishing emails all the time..and I don't like the fact that they can just grab $$$ out of your account whenever they want.. I have been using Google Checkout as a Merchant and a Consumer for the past 4 months..and I am pretty impressed w/ it's simplicity. It does need improvement but I like the fact that I don't have to give my personal info for every place I shop..

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