Last Chance for a Valentine's Day Ecard

I know I've mentioned the great cards at but I know there's a couple of you out there who forgot about Valentine's Day and didn't send or call some people in your life to wish them happy Valentine's Day but there's always these free funny eCards from Egreetings just in case you forget. You've seen the funny pictures before, and here's another one from those Chins guys I spoke about before, quite hilarious, and the card to hear Cupid's best pickup lines, which I showed a little preview of before a couple weeks back.

If you want to get a membership it's free for 30 days and only $13.99 for the year, which is great if you send a lot of cards to schedule them in advance and get other extra features.

Hurry Up, you got have 25 mins, I just remembered to call my mom, so get cracking!


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