A blog about rugs

Since I'm reviewing blogs today, I should talk about another random blog I've come across. This one is from a large retailer in the field, RugsDoneRight.com, and it's pretty new, which is interesting to see a blog about rugs, since I don't know much about them. It's not a bad blog, with links and articles that actually should interest the rest of us, such as this post about how Static from area Rugs can harm your computer. Most people know that there's static from carpets but some people still sit their computers on theirs. Mine's NEXT to a rug but not on top, hehe, since I need all my hardware grounded. There's other cool articles on there so if you're cruising the Blog-o-sphere check them out. The URL is http://www.rugsdoneright.com/blog/.



Posted bySteve at 11:18 PM

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