Sorry I've been missing in Miami! - Pics of the SonyEricsson K850i

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates. I've been in Miami for Spring Break since Saturday, and Thursday/Friday last week were really crazy days. That's why I haven't been up to date with the tech scene, even with the Game Developer Expo and the PMA (Camera Maker) show going on.

Since I've been missing, I should show you guys a scoop that Engadget has, on a new phone that's yet to be announced or released. It's the SonyEricsson K850i, and it's got a nice 5mp camera, UMTS-3G, 640x480 front video camera, usual other specs. Here's a pic, nice isn't it?

Yep I'll try to post more this week, it's tough without my computer, stealing laptops isn't always fun.


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