I'm soo tired

Sorry about the sporatic updating over the last couple of days, life has been crazy, and I don't think it'll calm down until the semester is over for me. I haven't been talking much about things going on in my life on all three blogs but hopefully I'll get some time tomorrow night to set things straight.

In the mean time, I'll set you guys up with some nice reading about how FreeConference.com, the site that offers free conference calling from it's 712 area code in Iowa, is Sueing ATT for blocking access to the number. This is impacting me as I used to use Futurephone.com before the ATT ban shut it down, so that'll be interesting to see.

Also in other news, well it may not be news to some, but a reader on the Payperpost Boards linked me to an article on how 77% of the blogs on Blogpost.com are spam and how this is broken down by provider or host HERE. Nice article if you're serious blogger.

Alright more news later,


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