Who doesn't want a Sugardaddy?

Last week I spoke about a dating site for single moms and dads, but not everyone wants that. For people like that, who want a more casual type of relationship then maybe they should look into sugar daddy for me.com. Who doesn't want a sugar daddy? They are guys out there who have the extra cash to spend and women who want more than just a pretty boy with looks, now they can find someone who's accomplished and succesful as well. I like how each end of the spectrum is represented now, so check this site out if you're looking to get some lavish attention, or to spend extra on some beautiful girls.



Posted bySteve at 3:19 PM


1hotpapa said... 5:05 AM  

Great news! But maybe we have another better choice. I think MillionaireMatch is a much better dating site for successful singles and admirers. You can find a sugar daddy or mama there. You can also find your ideal match who is also rich outside and inside.

Luckily, I have met two classy ladies there. But since they were looking for a more serious relationship than I had expected, I had to gave up and started looking for more dates.

I am not sure if I am into a sugar type relationship. But I will give the site a try.

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